Liam Gallagher describes ‘delight’ at substitution in Italian football match: ‘I was fucked’

The former Oasis singer was substituted after 20 minutes at the charity event

Liam Gallagher has discussed his recent involvement in a charity football match in Italy.

Gallagher appeared alongside a number of former Juventus players like Alessandro Del Piero and Pavel Nedved at the Juventus Stadium in Torino on Tuesday night (June 2). The match was organised by the Italian equivalent of Soccer Aid.

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Speaking about the event, Gallagher has since said: “The invitation to take part came from an old friend of mine Andrea Dulio who used to work for Sony Italy whom I knew throughout the Oasis era.”

Gallagher added: “I’ve played a few in my time with the mighty Oasis but never football. I must say I was a little nervous in front of 45,000 crazy Italians. However, it was an honour to be asked to play, as it was such a great cause and Juventus stadium is nearly as good as [Manchester City’s]”.

Despite his enjoyment, Gallagher says he didn’t fare so well on the pitch. “I’m not sure what was said at half time as I was on the piss around that time as I was substituted 20 minutes into the game much to my delight as I was fucked,” Gallagher told The Secret Footballer. “I do run most days but I haven’t had a proper kickabout since 1999.”

See photos and video footage from the event below.


Recent tabloid reports have claimed that Liam and Noel Gallagher had come to “a gentlemen’s agreement” to reunite Oasis, with other reports suggesting that the band would reform without Noel. While Liam offered no comment on the matter, Noel publicly denied that he would be interested in an Oasis reunion, claiming that the original rumour came from a “source close to Liam”.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher did recently claim that he would consider a reunion if Paul McCartney wrote the comeback single.