Liam Gallagher says today’s bands need to cause more mischief

Oasis man calls on today's musicians to behave more like proper rock stars

Liam Gallagher has called out today’s young bands for failing to behave like proper rock stars.

During an interview to promote Oasis documentary Supersonic, Gallagher shared his view that “any band worth their salt is not just music”.

Asked whether he really means this, Gallagher told The Sunday Times: “Without a doubt. If it’s all about music, then it’s Coldplay. The most rock’n’roll thing Chris Martin did was wear a leather jacket. I thought, ‘Go on, lad. That’s a start.'”

Encouraging today’s musicians to cause more mischief, Gallagher said: “If I was a 20-year-old in a band and somebody stuck [an iPhone] in my face, I’d stick it up their arse, or mine. There is no excuse for young bands to act like grown men. When you’re older and have kids, cool it out a bit, but I get up to more mischief in my butcher’s than [they] do on their fucking tours. Maybe it’s just where we’re from.”

He added: “I guess it goes back to the working-class thing. The shit-kickers aren’t breaking through. A lot of music these days is by middle-class kids.”

Speaking in another interview to promote Supersonic, Gallagher criticised brother Noel for dressing like Gary Barlow.

This week saw bookmakers slash the odds of Oasis reforming to tour in 2017, while former guitarist Bonehead said he’d ‘be there like a shot’ if a reunion seemed likely.