Liam Gallagher’s solo album is being promoted with posters of his best tweets

Ex-Oasis frontman releases his solo debut 'As You Were' on Friday (October 6)

Liam Gallagher‘s upcoming solo album is reportedly being promoted in Australia with posters of some of the singer’s best tweets.

The former Oasis frontman releases his solo debut ‘As You Were’ on Friday (October 6).

Ahead of its release, fans have spotted posters promoting the LP in Australia featuring screenshots of infamous Liam tweets, including one that read: “Eagles v ducks chopsticks v forks carpets v rugs lollies v jublies paint v spray as you fucking were LG x”. See in the photo beneath.


NME has contacted Gallagher’s press representative for verification on whether these posters are part of an official promotion campaign and whether they will be similarly rolled out in the UK.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has been shared photos of billboard promoting his album around his native Manchester:

Earlier today, Gallagher suggested that he could be set to tone down his Twitter antics, tweeting: “Thought of the day. Is ever really too late for social fucking media training”.


Last month (September), Liam said that his tweets could “kill” his career. He was speaking in an interview with The Telegraph when he described his own tweets as “amazing”.

But he added: “I could kill my career every fucking weekend when I get on that Twitter or talk in interviews. But it is what it is. People want a bit of fucking honesty. Everyone’s sick of fucking politician fucking rock’n’roll stars who are saying one thing one minute and not saying it the next…. My worst habit is talking. I talk a lot. I like the sound of me own voice.”

Asked why he goes on Twitter rants, Gallagher said: “I’ve still got the hump, mate,” adding: “I certainly don’t want to settle down and become like some fucking people who think they’ve got their shit all sorted. There’s a lot of graft to do. You just don’t want to turn into a lot of these other people who are out there, i.e. our kid [Noel], who just seem very smug in their fucking little lives.”

Blaming it on “passion, man”, Liam went on to say: “It’s very easy to fall into the trap when you’ve got a lot of people patting you on the back. I know how great I am. And I know how shit I am. And a lot of other people just think they’re fucking great and they’d do well realising they’re fucking not.”