Liam Gallagher and sons to star in new special ’48 Hours At Rockfield’

"Fans are going to the real Liam shines through"

Liam Gallagher and his sons will appear in a new one-hour Sky special called Liam Gallagher: 48 Hours At Rockfield.

The documentary will follow the former Oasis frontman and his sons, Lennon and Gene, as they head to the renowned Rockfield Studios in Wales for what is described as “48 hours of music, memories and mayhem”.

A press release from Sky said: “The brand new show will give viewers unparalleled access to the world renowned rockstar, as he heads to the famous Rockfield Studios in Wales with his sons, Lennon and Gene.


“…Ahead of the release of his new album ‘C’Mon You Know’ and a jam-packed summer of gigs including a return to Knebworth, Liam wants to relax with his sons in two of his favourite places – the studio and the pub – and he’s invited us along for the ride. Featuring intimate session performances cut with candid conversations and family banter, the show provides a unique insight into Liam’s life, past and present.

“At the famous Rockfield Studios – the first residential recording studio and host to the likes of Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath, Queen and a once little-known band called Oasis – viewers will see Liam perform exclusive tracks from the upcoming album, plus two Oasis classics – in-between these studio sessions, Liam is captured at his most content, chatting candidly about music, song writing and his upcoming tour.”

Liam Gallagher performing live in Blackburn in April 2022
Liam Gallagher performs live. CREDIT: Getty

The statement adds: “As he later relaxes at a Welsh country pub over a pint and a game of pool with sons Lennon and Gene, Liam opens up about all the important stuff: approaching 50, fatherhood, family, his biggest regrets, greatest achievements, loves and hates, one-liners, his rock n roll career, performing at Knebworth Park, big nights out, lockdown and the Queen… ”

Gallagher said of the new film: “It was great to go back to Rockfield after all these years and see the old firm looking so well. It brought back many memories.”

Kate Shepherd, Managing Director of Warner Music Entertainment UK, said of the film: “Liam is truly a man of the people and this documentary captures him in his most natural environment – playing with his band, interacting with the locals and being with his sons. It was a special moment to witness Liam return to Rockfield, one of Britain’s most iconic studios, after 27 years. Fans are going to love the intimate moments we caught and how the real Liam shines through. We’re delighted to be able partner with Sky on this.”


The show will air on on Sky Max, Sky Arts and Now simultaneously on May 24 at 9pm.

Gallagher recently took to Twitter to respond to the judge who presided over the recent trial of his son Gene.

Gene appeared in court in April, where he, Ringo Starr’s grandson Sonny Stark and model Noah Ponte were accused of assaulting shop staff at a Tesco store during an alleged fight in May 2019.

Prosecutors dropped the case and charges on the first day of the trial, meaning the accused would not be formally punished. They were criticised by judge Joanna Greenberg, however, who described them as “entitled” and said their behaviour was “completely out of order, no doubt as a result of having been drinking”.

Prosecutors reportedly conceded that the Tesco staff involved in the brawl had “over-reacted”. Greenberg however, went on to tell Gallagher, Starkey and Ponte that the conduct of those employees “doesn’t diminish to a great extent the bad behaviour” they’d enacted.

The judge continued: “It is a hard enough for people running late-night stores without entitled young men thinking they could get what they want by misbehaving, and this is what the two of you did.”

Liam shared his thoughts on the comments made about his son, writing: “Judge Judy can kiss my arse hole,” he wrote. “From one entitled prick to another, as you were LG x.”

He continued: “Funny thing is 99 per cent of judges are massive CUNTZ…Asking folk to sit down, stand up, rise, fuck off with your noncey wig…If ya can’t steal from Tescos, where can you steal from eh? This country is over.”

Gene, who played bongos on the song ‘One Of Us’ from his father’s second solo album ‘Why Me? Why Not‘ and later performed with him on Later… With Jools Holland, is also working on music himself.

His brother Lennon is the frontman in a band called Automotion, while Gallagher recently told NME that “Gene’s got some tunes on the go as well” with both sons creating music that’s “so fucking weird.”

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