Liam Gallagher calls U2 a ‘naff’ band and full of bullshit

Former Oasis frontman previously described them as 'beige fucks'

Liam Gallagher has hit out at U2 again.

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Yesterday (July 4) the former Oasis frontman slammed the Irish four-piece after being asked by a fan if he was going to see U2 live and urged to “catch the support act”. Liam replied: “I’d rather eat my own shit than than listen to them bunch of beige fucks as you were”. He later sent another tweet that simply read: “Toff rock”.


Now he has taken to Twitter again to criticise the band. He wrote: “Not scared of bingo (Bono) and his naff band you can’t bull shit a bullshitter ain’t that the Edge,” before adding: “Beware of bongos farts ha ha.”

He also posted another tweet which read: “It’s good to be back never went away you clowns just got the tools now to shine a light on you FAKES.”

The former Oasis frontman recently made headlines by accusing his brother Noel of “brown nosing” Bono and co after it was announced that the Gallagher brother would support U2 live.


The band are due to play two UK dates at Twickenham this weekend, with Noel Gallagher supporting.

Meanwhile, Gallagher also recently revealed that he has added an orchestra to his upcoming solo album ‘As You Were’.

He is set to release his solo debut in October. Having previously described the album as being “finished”, Gallagher has now issued an update to state that he’s headed back into the studio to add touches to the LP.

Posting on Twitter, Liam said that he “had a lovely day” at London’s Air Studios on Monday (July 3) and that he had recorded orchestral parts for ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Paper Crown’ and ‘Greedy Soul’.

“The things I do for you,” he added. “As you were”.

He will release his album a month before brother Noel is set to drop his next album with the High Flying Birds in November.