Liam Gallagher calls ‘WhatsApp Ricky’ his ‘finest’ moment during Reading Festival set

The performance was plagued by technical issues, with fans shouting for the volume to be turned up throughout

Liam Gallagher has called thinking A$AP Rocky‘s name for WhatsApp Ricky his “finest” moment during his Reading Festival appearance.

The Manchester icon performed on the Main Stage at the Berkshire event earlier today (August 27), ahead of Muse‘s headline performance.


Gallagher spotted a sign with WhatsApp Ricky written on it in the crowd. “What’s that written there, mate?” he said. After figuring out what the sign said, he responded: “Oh yes. My finest.”

The set was plagued by technical issues with ‘Universal Gleam’ having to be restarted and fans shouting for the volume to be turned up throughout.

His debut solo performance at the festival featured songs from his upcoming solo album ‘As You Were’, alongside Oasis songs and a cover of Beady Eye‘s ‘Soul Love’. He dedicated ‘Greedy Soul’ to “all the gold diggers” and, before ‘Bold’, declared to the crowd: “No fucking miming up here, mate.”

Gallagher closed his performance with a rendition of ‘Wonderwall’. “Right, this is the last song,” he said beforehand. “Nice one for sticking about and having a listen.” As the song finished, he said “Look after yourselves, stay safe” before exiting the stage.


Liam Gallagher played:

‘The Swamp Song’
‘Rock’n’Roll Star’
‘Morning Glory’
‘Wall Of Glass’
‘Greedy Soul’
‘For What It’s Worth’

‘D’ You Know What I Mean?’
‘Slide Away’
‘Soul Love’
‘You Better Run’
‘Universal Gleam’
‘Be Here Now’

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