Liam Gallagher calls Calvin Harris ‘boring’ and says DJs are ‘the new accountants’

Oasis man calls Harris "the most boring fucking person"

Liam Gallagher has hit out at Calvin Harris in a new interview, describing him as “the most boring fucking person” and labelling DJs as “the new accountants”.

The former Oasis frontman is prepping his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ for release on October 6.

Ahead of its release, Gallagher spoke to Huck magazine when he was asked about how things have changed during his time away from music.


In response to a suggestion that DJs have become the “new rock stars”, Liam replied: “Did they? Not in my world, they haven’t. What, Calvin fuckin’ Harris? The most boring fucking person? Fuck off, mate… I’ll tell you what they’ve become: the new accountants!”

When asked whether he sees himself as the greatest living rock icon, Gallagher responded: “Others have said it and I do believe they’re not fucking wrong”.

‘I think people are starting to realise what they’ve been missing,” he added. “Someone who’s completely 100 per cent into it; someone who doesn’t bullshit people or stand for bullshit.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Liam said he contemplated quitting music following the demise of Beady Eye and opened up about the friends who abandoned him after his divorce.

He also described brother Noel as a “Tory boy” and claimed that the former Oasis guitarist held meetings with Johnny Marr and Paul Weller before the band broke up.


“I certainly didn’t ruin Oasis,” Liam said. “I fucking love Oasis. Why would I want to split it up? It proper fuckin’ riles me, that. But real Oasis fans haven’t picked sides. They’re just like, ‘Fuckin’ hell, them two.’.”