Watch Liam Gallagher’s wistful new ‘Chinatown’ video

It's the second single from Liam's upcoming solo debut 'As You Were'

Liam Gallagher has shared a video for his new single ‘Chinatown’.

The track is the former Oasis frontman’s second to be unveiled from his upcoming solo debut ‘As You Were’, which will be released on October 6. It follows on from the album’s lead single ‘Wall Of Glass’.

This new clip sees Gallagher wandering the streets of London wistfully. At one point, he stands next to a mural honouring the victims of the recent Manchester terror attack.

Watch below:

Liam will release his album a month before brother Noel is set to drop his next album with the High Flying Birds in November.

Having previously described the album as being “finished”, Liam recently revealed that he’s added an orchestra to several tracks from the LP.

This week has seen Gallagher repeatedly hit out at U2 on Twitter, saying that he would “rather eat my own shit” than than listen to “them bunch of beige fucks as you were”. He later said that they were a “naff” band and full of bullshit.

Despite Oasis splitting up in 2009, there have been constant rumours about a potential reunion ever since. Liam recently stated that he would rather be back in Oasis than embarking on a solo career.

“Yeah I prefer that. I mean, listen, I mean I prefer to be in Oasis. Let’s get that… We know that. I prefer to be in a band,” he told Radio X“But that’s not happening, so you can’t sit at home twiddling your thumbs, do you know what I mean? I’m not going to get a job. I guess, I mean I was always going to get back into it but I’ve got a band, man, the band are good but I guess my name is on top of it which suits me fine, man.”