Liam Gallagher says rehearsals for solo shows are sounding ‘dangerous’

Ahead of the Oasis frontman's debut solo album

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is set to play his first solo shows this year ahead of his upcoming debut album. Writing on Twitter, he has now described his live band’s rehearsals as sounding “dangerous”.

Gallagher announced details of his solo album last August, later saying that he will “probably fuck off forever” if the record fails. Gallagher had previously denied reports that he was releasing a solo album, saying that he wouldn’t do so because he’s “not a c*nt”. He later tweeted: “It’s official, I’m a c*nt”.

The former Britpop frontman has already been booked to perform at Benicassim and Lollapalooza this summer, as well as Belgrade’s EXIT Festival. Richard Ashcroft has said he’ll be playing a gig with Liam later this year too, while Gallagher has denied he’ll be playing new Scottish Festival TRNSTMT.


On Twitter, Gallagher wrote earlier today (March 24): “Just popped into rehearsals and the lads are fucking on it 1 word DANGEROUS LG X”. See that tweet below.

Gallagher has confirmed that his album will be called ‘As You Were’, with its first single titled ‘Not For Sale’.

Despite his solo plans, Liam remains open to an Oasis reunionBookies have suspended betting on Oasis reforming in 2017, as talk of the band getting back together continues to gather momentum. Ride were reportedly booked to support the band, however they later denied this.

Meanwhile, Liam’s brother Noel Gallagher has teamed up with Adidas for a new shoe with his face on. Noel has also provided backing vocals for a new Gorillaz song.