Liam Gallagher honours The Real People, takes on The Las, denies being on drugs in epic Twitter rant

'I fucking rule'

Liam Gallagher discussed The Real People, T Rex, his children and himself during a lengthy Twitter ramble last night – as well as appearing to take a pop at The Las’ Lee Mavers. He denied being on drugs.

The former Oasis turned solo star took to Twitter following his performance on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert‘, where his high spirits and enthusiasm spilled over.

He began by honouring The Real People – the influential Liverpool Britpop band renowned for giving Oasis a leg-up in their early days:

It then looked as if he was taking a pop at The Las’ Lee Mavers – claiming that he was a better songwriter and ‘ready to go toe to toe’.

Gallagher then turned his attention to the recent headlines that he’d ‘retire’ from music if new album ‘flops‘ – and that he’d never make an EDM tune.

Wrapping up, he then paid tribute to his two sons as well as himself:

When one follower asked Gallagher what drugs he was on, he finally concluded:

“If the album comes out and it bombs, there is no real point doing another one,” said Gallagher earlier this week. “There is no point going through the rigmarole of interviews and touring if no-one wants it.”

He continued: “Touring is hard, especially at this age and especially if no-one turns up. I guess I will do something else. I can always write music in my own house for pleasure.

“I won’t change genre. I won’t do an EDM track to jump on that bandwagon and just to stay in the limelight as they say.”

This month, Gallagher will perform at Reading & Leeds Festival across August Bank Holiday Weekend with Muse, Eminem, Kasabian and many more.