Liam Gallagher discusses how his solo album will affect the chances of an Oasis reunion

"Fuck Oasis, y'know what I mean? I'm doing this now"

Liam Gallagher has discussed how his upcoming solo album is likely to impact on the chances of an Oasis reunion – saying that as it stands, it’s currently ‘on Noel‘s terms’.

Liam is currently gearing up to release his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ in October – just before Noel’s next record with The High Flying Birds. While is said that he is ‘all for’ a chart battle with his brother and former bandmate, he also hopes the success of ‘As You Were’ could alter their relationship in the hopes of any potential Oasis reunion.

“There is no dynamic because we don’t speak,” Liam told Q Magazine. “But the way I see it is… I’ve had no currency for the last five years or whatever, with Beady Eye. We were just like, y’know, not happening. If we were to ever do Oasis, it’d be [speaking as Noel] “fucking on my terms and that is it. I’ve got three fucking solo albums. What have you been doing? You’ve been sat on your arse, eating fucking Quality Street’.

“Whereas now, hopefully, this’ll go off.”

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

Liam continued: “Listen, it’s all in his hands. I’d do Oasis. Everyone know I’d fucking do it. I love the band, I love the songs, I love the fans. I love what we fucking stand for and stood for. And I think we would definitely be able to make great music and tour it and all that. But at the moment…it can fucking do one.

“We had plenty of times to get back together and put it right. Fuck Oasis, y’know what I mean? I’m doing this now.”

Liam Gallagher made a surprise appearance at the One Love benefit concert in Manchester on Sunday evening – and branded Noel a “sad fuck” for failing to appear too.

 However, Coldplay have since thanked Noel for “lending” them his songs at a the concert, and Noel has announced he is donating proceeds from ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ to the Manchester relief fund.

Last week Liam released debut solo single ‘Wall Of Glass’, which is heading for the Top 20 on Friday (June 9).