Liam Gallagher has ended his long-running feud with Idris Elba

"Idris I applaud you"

Liam Gallagher has ended his feud with Idris Elba, after they famously fell out at the NME Awards.

The pair traded verbal blows in 2013 after an incident involving a woolly hat that Idris had worn to the ceremony.

For his part, Idris had maintained that they had an “exchange of words” after Liam took an immediate dislike to his headgear.

“It got blown out of proportion, but we kept our hats on, so to speak. It was a good hat, man”, he previously told The Guardian.

“I guess he just took against it. He must have thought it looked silly, because he tried to grab it.”

He later said of Gallagher: “Fuck that idiot”.

Liam, meanwhile, insisted that Idris was to blame after he attempted to ruffle his hair.

“He messed my fucking hair up so I pulled his hat off and booted it across the room and that’s it”, Liam offered to Absolute Radio.

“I don’t give a fuck who he is. You don’t touch a man’s haircut.”

However, it now seems that their war of words has come to an end after the pair shared an appearance on the Graham Norton show.

Posting on Twitter, Liam seemingly hinted that it was Idris who had offered the apology.

“Graham norton you are an absolute dude I apologise for being a sketchy little fucker can’t handle the chit chat as you were LG x”, he wrote.

“And as for you idris I applaud you it takes a big man to know and accept when he’s in the wrong as you were LG x”

Gallagher also told The Independent: “I don’t hold grudges, me. I’m pissed off about Oasis breaking up but I don’t hold grudges. I’d had too much to drink at that awards night and I didn’t know who he was. But then I met him in Ibiza and we had a chat, then I met him at GQ awards this year and we had a chat, then I seen him on that TV show [Graham Norton] and he was cool, we shook hands. He didn’t really apologise though, I was just winding him up.”

Liam’s performance on The Graham Norton Show comes as he prepares to show off  songs from his debut album ‘As You Were’, which is set for release next Friday.