Liam Gallagher says English bands ‘should be ashamed of the shit they put out’

He isn't impressed with British guitar music at this moment in time

Liam Gallagher has said English bands “should be ashamed of the shit they put out” in a new interview.

The legendary musician recently returned to making music and is set to release his debut solo album ‘As You Were‘ in October.

Speaking to Noisey, Gallagher said there are “too many so-called rock’n’roll bands in England getting away with fucking murder.”


“They should be ashamed of the shit they put out,” he said. “They need fucking shooting.” While he declined to name any one band specifically, he did expand on what he found so bad about some groups’ output.

“They’ve got the tools to make guitar music great and they’re just fucking doing it half-arsed,” he said. “They’ve got one foot in the fucking dance world and one foot in the fucking guitar world and they’re just seeing which one fucking bites.”

He continued: “They’re there with their fucking keyboards and whistles and shit. If you’re going to do “guitar music” you have to put a fucking guitar on a record. Put the fucker in. Stop wearing it like it’s a fucking necklace.”

Meanwhile, Gallagher has also given his opinion on several music icons.


During an interview with GQ, Liam is asked about his thoughts on The Rolling Stones‘ frontman Mick Jagger. His verdict: “Fair play to ol’ dinosaur hips, but I’m not that man. I’m anti-entertainment. Poor sod, he’s got to dance until he’s 108.”

On Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl’s infamous throne that he performed live in when he broke his leg, Liam says: “He ruined it for all of us. He broke his leg and still toured. Who does that? Now if I have a ‘cold’ I can’t cancel because I’ll look like a wuss.”