Liam Gallagher fans hail ‘As You Were’ as a ‘modern day classic’

High praise for LG...

Liam Gallagher fans have hailed his debut solo album as a ‘modern day classic’ after hearing it for the first time ever.

‘As You Were’ is released today, and sees Liam stepping out of the shadow of Oasis and Beady Eye to record his first ever solo album.

But it looks like he won’t be needing to follow up his vow to quit music if the record flops, after it was met with huge acclaim from his fans.


One fan wrote on Twitter: “We want to THANKYOU for shining the light. A Brilliant album, Five star instant MODERN CLASSIC.”

Another fan claimed that it was Liam’s best effort since leaving Oasis, and even better than Noel Gallagher‘s High Flying Birds.

“Best album since the oasis days this”, they wrote. “Better than anything Noel has released and the best of Liam wow”.

Check out a selection of reactions below.


Meanwhile, Liam recently opened up to NME about Kasabian’s claims that they would be responsible for saving rock ‘n roll, and threw cold water over their comments.

“I like Kasabian, but it’s not, is it? There’s a lot of people who look the part but rock’n’roll’s not just about the music and a look, it’s about what you say. A lot of these bands, you read their interviews and you slip into a coma”, he said.
“Everyone seems to be wrapped up in cotton wool and not prepared to make mistakes because if they step out of line they think their little career will go. Everyone’s hanging on to their career by their nails, and I find that very sad, because if that’s what you’ve come into it for you’re gonna fall flat on your face. You should come into it to kick open the f**kin’ doors. The s**t that’s on the radio shouldn’t be on the radio. There’s a lot of crap out there.”



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