Liam Gallagher has revealed his ‘zen’ secret to coping with a long-haul flight

"I'm a zen motherfucker."

Liam Gallagher has revealed his secret to dealing with long-haul flights as he tours the globe, and it couldn’t be more simple.

Instead of reading a book or taking advantage of in-flight movies, Liam’s secret is incredibly basic, revealing that he opts to stare out the window and occasionally take a nap.

“I don’t need to read a book to turn off. I’m a zen c—, me. I don’t drink on a plane any more either, ’cause I just end up getting f—ing wankered. Have a kip. Might watch the odd little film for half an hour, then I’m bored of that. So I just stare out the window, man”, the former Oasis man told The Telegraph

“I’m a zen motherfucker when it comes to it. I can entertain myself in there.

“I just sit there like that and say to the missus, ‘Are we there yet?’ She’s like, ‘No. We’ve not taken off yet.'”

Presumably, he’ll also be wearing a Parka too, after revealing that he wears the favoured jacket 24/7.

He said in a recent interview: “I don’t hide away who I am. I’m me in the supermarket, the same clothes, the same haircut, the same shades on, when I’m fucking gardening or picking the kids up from school, or dropping ’em off. I’m the same, there’s no double-life, I am what I am.”

Liam will also release his debut album, As You Were, next month, and will head out on a huge UK tour in December.