Liam Gallagher chose the title of The View’s Kyle Falconer’s new album while they were on holiday together

"You don't argue with Liam"

The View‘s Kyle Falconer has revealed that Liam Gallagher chose the title of his new solo album while the pair were on holiday together.

Falconer’s solo debut ‘No Thank You’ was released last Friday. Speaking to The Sun, the singer said that its name was selected by friend and former Oasis frontman while they were on holiday with their partners in Thailand last January.

“I sing: ‘No thank you’ in one of the album’s songs, and when Liam heard that he went: ‘That’s the title! You’ve got to fucking use that as the title!’ You don’t argue with Liam,” said Falconer.


He continued: “The title is a way of saying there are no thank yous on this record, because I’ve done it all myself – I’ve produced it, I’ve written it. And you could see it as me saying I’m not doing drugs now – ‘No thank you, I don’t want that line of coke.’” Kyle got clean when he became a dad to Wylde.”

After the frontman made headlines last year when he was fined a total of £25,000 for aggressive behaviour and using homophobic language on a plane, Kyle says that he is now enjoying sobriety.

Falconer admitted: “I’ve finally got my a**e in gear, and it’s great. “I’ve got a mortgage and passed my driving licence, because that’s what dads do. Fatherhood is amazing and I think I’m doing good at it. My lass has been a complete legend as a mum.

“I know I’m number two in her life now, but being number two feels good for me, because it stops me from behaving like Dr Evil.”

Opening up about his time in therapy which inspired the track ‘The Therapist’, he added: “We were told to write a poem about therapy in a group session, and that’s what I wrote. I asked if I could have a week off so I could record the song, but I was told: ‘No, you’re here for another two months.’”


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