Liam Gallagher denies reports he swore at new neighbours and called them “prats”

“I was absolutely aghast at being spoken to like that."

Liam Gallagher has angrily responded after it was claimed that he launched a furious rant at his new neighbours.

According to The Sun, the former Oasis star has moved into a £2.1 million home in Highgate, North London.

The publication claims that Liam swore at his neighbours as he entered his new home, branding them “prats”.


“My heart sank when I saw Liam moving his stuff in. A friend and I were watching him enter his home and he shouted at us at the very top of his voice, ‘What the f*** are you two k**** bogging at? You wanna take my f***ing picture, do you? Prats’”, one neighbour told the paper.

“I was absolutely aghast at being spoken to like that. People here are very reserved and decent and I fear this Gallagher fellow is going to be one of those chav neighbours from hell.

“I don’t know much about rock music nor Oasis, but I’m told he can’t sing for toffee and it was his brother who was the talent and brains in his band.”

Now, Liam has responded to the reports directly – and it seems that they’re entirely at odds with his own experiences.

“I’ve met my neighbours either side of me and there [sic] fantastic people very nice and welcoming”, he wrote on Twitter.


“Unlike the stalkers who were stood outside my house the other day with there binoculars dribbling into there cafe lattes it’s coming home as you were LG x”

Liam’s representatives have also been contacted for comment by NME.

Meanwhile, Liam recently responded to Noel – after he dared to suggest that football isn’t coming home.

Liam has criticised the High Flying Birds man for not getting behind the lads when a chant of Three Lions broke out at a show in Scarborough.
“Very sad when you can’t support your country coz your Mrs won’t let ya,” he tweeted following England’s win against Sweden. “hashtag soft lad hashtag under the thumb ITS COMING HOME as you were LG x”.