Liam Gallagher being interviewed by small children is the most bizarrely wholesome thing you’ll see today

R' kids

Liam Gallagher has undergone his most gruelling interview to date – being grilled on the big issues by small children. Check it out below.

Made by Noisey, the video sees the former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman turned solo star take to a classroom, where infants ask him questions about his time in school, how much he farts, his favourite Disney movie, and of course his brother Noel.

In other child-friendly Gallagher news, Liam recently told NME that he had been asked and was willing to read a bedtime story for CBeebies.

fter the likes of Josh Homme, Tom Hardy and Dolly Parton have all recorded children’s stories for the BBC segment, it looks like Gallagher might be about to follow suit.

Asked if he’d ever take to the sofa himself, Gallagher replied: “Yeah, I been asked to do that. Yeah, I’ll do it. I’m up for it. I mean, I’ve gotta curb me tongue though ‘cause I swear a lot.

“But if I could hold it down with the swearing, man, I’d do that,” said Gallagher, who was last week crowned Godlike Genius at the VO5 NME Awards 2018.

Read our full and frank Liam Gallagher interview here, or watch it above.

As well as responding to past rival Robbie Williams’ call for a collaboration, the interview also Liam explain his so-called “truce” with brother Noel, admitting that it was “in my head” and that he had been “looking for a bit of trouble”.