Liam Gallagher says he’ll invite Noel to his wedding: “He’ll go to the opening of anything”

The former Oasis frontman is due to be married next year

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he will invite his estranged brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel to his upcoming wedding.

Set to marry Debbie Gwyther next year after proposing to her during a holiday on Italy’s Amalfi coast, the former Oasis frontman says he’s “buzzing” to tie the knot for the third time.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, he said: “I’m ready to do it again. I’m buzzing more than her. This one’s going to be a big thing.”


He added that it’ll be “third time lucky” following his previous marriages to actress Patsy Kensit and All Saints singer Nicole Appleton.

Asked whether his brother Noel – who he’s been feuding with since the disbanding of Oasis over a decade ago – and wife Sara MacDonald would get an invite, Liam replied: “Of course he will. My mam is like, ‘You’ve got to invite him.’ And I will. They’ll get a little envelope through the door.”

However, the ‘Shockwave’ singer doesn’t have high hopes that Noel will actually turn up. “They won’t come,” he said. “But you never know – like I said before, they go to the opening of anything so as soon as they open it, it’ll be like, ‘Come on Noel, get your Dermot O’Leary outfit on, we’re going out’.”

Last week, Liam spoke out about his ongoing feud with Noel, saying that he’s convinced his brother no longer “likes” him.

Despite being previously convinced that he did believe Noel loved him deep down, the singer no longer thinks it’s the case.