Liam Gallagher responds after fan spends gig peeling potato in crowd

The indie icon had put out a request for "somebody to peel some spuds live on stage"

Somebody brought a potato to last night’s intimate Liam Gallagher show, and began peeling it in the crowd – and now the former Oasis frontman has responded.

The bizarre event happened at a tiny Liam Gallagher show at London’s Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club last night (November 7), presented by Absolute Radio. Earlier in the day, Liam tweeted a request for “somebody to peel some spuds live on stage” – a jibe at his brother Noel Gallagher‘s recent appearance on Jools Holland, in which he enlisted someone to play the scissors, and a nod to Liam’s frequent use of the word ‘potato’ to describe his estranged sibling.

After Liam sent out the tweet, ex-Oasis rhythm guitarist Bonehead, who played in the Britpop band from 1991–1999, got in touch. “I’ll do it,” he tweeted, before sharing a photo of a potato peeler.


Check out the spud shedding action below.

Then, Gallagher took to Twitter to praise the potato peeling devotee:


Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has hit out at Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner’s “American” accent.


“The singing’s alright for me, you know what I mean?”, Gallagher said. “It’s when they do an interview and that later on down the line and they’ve been to America once and they come back.”

“They start speaking American. You know what I mean? They’re the ones,” Liam added. “Like the geezer from the Arctic Monkeys (Turner). He did it, didn’t he? He started getting his hair in a quiff and biker leather jackets on.”

Liam continued: “You know what I mean? It’s like, when he goes back to his mum’s, does he really walk in with that biker leather jacket and go [American accent] ‘hey mum, can I have some tea?’. She’s going to give him a clip isn’t she? You know what I mean.

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