Liam Gallagher debuts new solo songs at Manchester Ritz gig

Former Oasis frontman teams up with Bonehead, plays new tracks and Oasis hits at first solo gig

Liam Gallagher played his debut solo gig at Manchester’s O2 Ritz this evening (May 30), premiering new tracks, playing Oasis hits and teaming up with the Britpop band’s former guitarist Bonehead.

Ahead of the gig, Liam had promised “some serious RnR (rock n roll)”, while a source close to the star said it would be “incredible, emotional gig” with “a few surprises too” – leading to rumours of a possible Oasis reunion. However, there was no sign of Noel on the night.

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Gallagher had promised that he would “honour” the victims of the Manchester terror attack with “something special planned” and proceeds from the show went to the victims and families of those affected by last week’s attack. He further paid tribute to those who lost their lives with a stage set-up that included 22 candles – one for every victim in the attack.

Liam Gallagher performs at The Ritz in Manchester, May 30 2017

Liam took to the stage with Oasis‘ ‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’ playing over the PA, kicking off the gig with a rendition of ‘Rock N Roll Star’. Dressed in a cagoule and backed by a four-piece band, Gallagher brandished a tambourine and told the crowd: “It’s not about me, it’s about you lot.”

Gallagher then played another Oasis classic, ‘Morning Glory’, as the second song of his set before a new track called ‘Greedy Soul’ with the chorus: “It’s a long way down”. More new songs followed, the first thought to be upcoming single ‘Wall Of Glass’, another titled ‘Bold’ and a third called ‘Paper Crown’.

Liam’s seventh song of the night was ‘D’You Know What I Mean’ from Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’, followed by ‘Slide Away’ from ‘Definitely Maybe’. Later, Bonehead joined Gallagher on stage to perform ‘Be Here Now’. Leaving briefly before returning for an encore, Liam ended the night with a rendition of ‘Live Forever’.

See the full setlist below:


‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’
‘Morning Glory’
‘Greedy Soul’ (New song)
‘Wall of Glass’ (New song)
‘Bold’ (New song)
‘Paper Crown’ (New song)
‘D’You Know What I Mean’
‘Slide Away’
‘It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way’ (New song)
‘You’d Better Run, You’d Better Hide’ (New song)
‘Universal Gleam’
‘Be Here Now’ (with Bonehead)
‘Live Forever’

Watch footage from the gig beneath:

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