Liam Gallagher explains why he finds Noel’s new single ‘Holy Mountain’ “a bit annoying”

"I think there are too many notes in it"

Ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has described his brother Noel‘s new single ‘Holy Mountain’ as “annoying” and “not risky”.

‘Holy Mountain’ was released earlier this month (October 9) and is the first single from new High Flyings Birds record ‘Who Built The Moon?’. It features Paul Weller on the organ and has seen some fans compare it to Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs’.

Speaking to Vulture recently, Liam was asked his thoughts on the track, to which he replied: “Obviously you know what I’m going to say, but it’s not for me.”


“Musically, I find it a bit annoying,” he added, explaining why: “I think there are too many notes in it, and it’s just a bit not risky. It’s not for me.”

Taking to Twitter earlier this month, Liam had previously said of the track: “Holy mountain eh where do I start who built the moon where do I end”, adding, “As long as his mrs likes it as you fucking were onwards and upwards”.

Elsewhere in the Vulture interview, Liam blamed Noel for the bad reputation of Oasis’ third album ‘Be Here Now’.

Liam said: “I’m not bringing people up, but there are a lot of sheep out there, aren’t there? And if the main guy [Noel Gallagher] says, “Oh, it’s fucking this and that,” a lot of people not using their own minds say, “Yeah, I agree.” If Noel had said it’s the best thing ever, I’m sure it’d have gotten a different fucking reception. The reason why he didn’t like it is because it reminds him of a not-so-good time with his ex-wife. That’s fine. That’s his prerogative.”


He continued: “But me, I had a good time making that album. I think there are some great songs on it. I think I sung really well, and it was a good time to be alive. Some of the songs went on a bit long, and they were a bit overproduced, but that’s what happens, mate, if you think you’re a producer. At that time, our kid was always messing with the tracks. It’s like, write the songs, play the guitar, and shut the fuck up.

“I like that album, because that’s what I did — I sang the songs, I had a good time, and went to the pub.”