Liam Gallagher calls Noel’s new album “shit Kula Shaker”

Liam thinks 'Who Built The Moon?' is "silly"

Liam Gallagher has compared his brother Noel‘s latest album to ’90s psych-poppers Kula Shaker.

Speaking to NME in this week’s magazine, out nationwide now, the former Oasis frontman described his older sibling’s latest High Flying Birds record, ‘Who Built The Moon?’, as “silly”.

“The situation is still the same,” Liam said of his current relationship with Noel. “He’s off doing his cosmic pop and I’m here doing my thing, giving the people what they want. That’s what life has always been about, as far as I’m concerned. If you can do that and you get what you want out of it then that, to me, is nirvana.”


While admitting that the track ‘Dead In The Water’ is a “good tune”, Liam added: “I prefer his first two [High Flying Birds albums]. I like his formula. I don’t think the songs are that good [on his new album], there’s just lots of silly and not even that out there production.”

“People keep going on about how he’s on a journey. It sounds like a shit Kula Shaker.”

Read NME‘s full interview with Liam Gallagher here.

Elsewhere in the interview, Liam admitted that his so-called “truce” with Noel was “in my head” and that he had been “looking for a bit of trouble”.


“I had a couple of drinks and thought, you know, I’ll put it out there. But it’s not happening,” Liam explained.

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