Liam Gallagher says Noel’s wife ‘is the reason Oasis is no longer’

"You have a screw loose"

Liam Gallagher has hit out at Noel Gallagher‘s wife on Twitter, claiming she is the reason their former band Oasis are no longer together.

Think it’s time to address the witch,” he wrote this afternoon (February 28). “You want me to drop dead – you have a screw loose and know the world knows.”

He continued: “She’s the reason Oasis is no longer – have to put it out there, she’s DARK.”


Detailing a story from their Oasis days, he wrote: “We were about to go on tour to [the] USA – she robbed Noel’s passport. Fucked with his head for a week – he came crying at my door, she’s proper dark.”

The latest outburst follows a recent interview, in which Liam claimed Noel is “desperate to get Oasis back but he knows he’s crossed that bridge. And he’s not allowed to, his missus won’t let him now. Cos she’s another one.”


Despite tweeting last December that the siblings were “all good again”, Liam has now revealed that that wasn’t actually the case and that they’ve “not made up” at all.

“In my head [we called a truce],” Liam told NME. “‘Cos it’s Christmas innit and me mam’s always going, ‘Look, calm down,’ so I had a couple of drinks and thought, you know, I’ll put it out there. But it’s not happening, is it?”

Responding to a rumour that the brothers had patched things up at swanky London hangout Chiltern Firehouse, Liam said: “No, no – I went there and he wasn’t there. He wasn’t meant to be there, but that’s where him and all his posh mates go, so I thought I’d steam down there and see what they gotta say.”

“I just went down there looking for a bit of trouble and that but there was none of ’em about,” Liam explained. “They were all probably at home, counting their money.”