Liam Gallagher speaks out on possibility of Oasis reunion after ‘truce’ with Noel

The frontman reportedly reconciled with his brother this week, claiming that the two are "all good again"

Liam Gallagher has given his take on the likelihood of an Oasis reunion now that he and Noel Gallagher appear to have buried the hatchet.

The brothers reportedly ended their long-standing feud this week just in time for Christmas, with Liam claiming that Noel had “reached out” to him and that they were “all good again”.

Following the news, bookmakers began offering reduced prices on an Oasis reunion in 2018 – with Paddy Power in particular slashing their odds from 100/1 to 8/1.

However, Liam has now cast renewed doubt on the chances of a reunion next year, saying that despite the ‘truce’ coming about as part of “the season of goodwill and all that”, it’s not convinced him that an Oasis reunion is any more likely than it was before.

Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis

Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis

Speaking to Australian newspaper The Age, Liam also said that he hadn’t noticed the response to his tweets about reconciling with Noel.

“I don’t look at the internet, what’s it saying then? About a reunion and that?” he said, adding: “All is good in my neck of the woods.”

Asked directly about the possibility of an Oasis reunion, Liam replied: “God no, no. Oasis isn’t getting back together, not at all. I’m doing my thing, [Noel’s] doing his thing and that is the end of it.

“It’s still the same – it’s just that I’ve called a truce on it and he’s called a truce on it and no more slagging.”

As you can see from the above clip, Liam Gallagher will indeed be crowned Godlike Genius at the VO5 NME Awards 2018 in February.