Liam Gallagher on Oasis’ split: ‘Me and our kid don’t speak and that’s the saddest thing about it’

The former Oasis frontman said no amount of money could get the band back together before the brothers repair their relationship

Liam Gallagher has said the “saddest part” of Oasis‘ split is the fact he and his brother don’t speak any more.

The Manchester Britpop band broke up in 2009 just minutes before they were due to go on stage and headline Paris’ Rock En Seine.

While in the studio with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, Gallagher spoke about whether Oasis will ever reunite. “We don’t do it for the money,” he said. “We didn’t do Oasis to make money. I did it to make music and get out of Manchester and see what’s out there.


“Me and our kid don’t speak and that’s the saddest thing about it. We’ve got to start becoming brothers and friends again. It don’t matter how many noughts you put on [a cheque].”

Lowe asked if he ever worries that the digs he makes at his brother Noel in interviews and on Twitter could prevent an Oasis reunion. Gallagher replied: “I don’t care about getting Oasis back together. But he prods me and I prod him and I like winding him up. I’m just reminding him that I’m right here cos his head’s up a few people’s arses.”

He continued: “Music’s about having a laugh and life’s about having a laugh. People seem to putting out a tune and taking a cheque and going back to a big house. I like taking the piss out of my brother who thinks his shit don’t stink. I know it’s childish, but I don’t care.”

Earlier in the conversation, Gallagher accused his brothers of doing Oasis songs “like Dolly Parton.”


“I‘ve got the relationship back with my kids and stuff, and all is good in the world, but I’m ready to get back on stage and do some screaming and shouting,” he said.

“If you want to come and hear Oasis songs done properly come to my gigs. Our kid’s doing them like Dolly Parton.”