Liam Gallagher opens up about his childhood and abusive father

In a candid new interview, Liam Gallagher has opened up about his childhood and his experiences when his mother left his abusive father.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman turned solo star discussed the mischief he got up to in his younger days, how he frequently played truant at school, his ambitions as a teenager and his relationship with his estranged father. The Gallaghers’ mother Peggy took them away and to a new home due to his violent nature.

“I was about seven when my mam left my dad,” said Gallagher. “He was out all the time, fighting, beating my mam up, beating Noel and Paul up. Never touched me, though. Then, one night, while he was out, my mam got her brothers round, got all our gear in a truck, left him a mattress, and we went off to our new house.


“It was immediately better for all of us … I was always out playing football, load of energy, never depressed, not a loner, just rounding up the troops … let’s go and have a bit of mischief. Always chasing the girls – but once you got ’em, I was like, ‘I’d rather go out with the lads.’ Burnage was a great place to grow up. It’s not as moody as people make out. It’s in between Didsbury, which is a nice area, and Heaton Moor, which is posh. In Manchester, everyone aspires to be there.”

Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis
Liam and Noel Gallagher in Oasis

Gallagher added: “I missed my mates: we’d only moved up the road but I couldn’t go back round that area because he was always around. If I was wagging school I’d see him. I’d be stood there, having a cigarette with my mates, he’d spot us, start chasing us, shouting, ‘Where have you gone, you bastard?’ Because he didn’t know where we’d moved to. I’d always outrun him.”

Asked about what his younger self would make of the Liam Gallagher of today, he concluded: “My 16-year-old self imagined being in a band exactly as it is for me now. Music has never ever failed me once. It’s everything I imagined it to be. Even when it was particularly bad with me and Noel at the end of Oasis, it was still better than digging holes.

“The young me would not have been shocked at how it’s turned out. I think big, man, all the time. The young me would probably go: “Yeah, mate, should have been a bit bigger.”

For help, advice and more information on domestic abuse, visit Refuge.


Gallagher recently revealed that he attempted to reform the original line-up of Oasis without Noel, and that he believes it is his brother’s wife who’s stopping the band from reforming.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has been announced as the recipient of the coveted ‘Godlike Genius’ award at the VO5 NME Awards 2018. He’ll be performing at the ceremony at the O2 Academy in Brixton on February 14.

“I wanna thank the NME for their Godlike Genius award,” Gallagher said in response. “It’s about f**king time as far as I’m concerned.”

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