Liam Gallagher opens up about the friends who abandoned him after his divorce

"You’re ticking all the dickheads off"

Liam Gallagher has revealed how one of the most personal tracks on his debut solo album sees him take aim at the friends that abandoned him during his divorce from Nicole Appleton.

The former Oasis singer tackles his 2015 divorce on solo album track ‘Bold’, and told Crack Magazine about how it was aimed at the friends who “scarper when the shit hits the fan.”

“Gonna take you off my list of to-dos…’ You’re ticking all the dickheads off, you know what I mean? When the divorce was goin’ down, a lot of friends or people who were with me when I had a band… It’s that old thing where they’re not there when you need them”, he said.


“When it’s all goin’ good, when there are drinks to be drunk, they’ve got their arm ’round you. But they scarper when the shit hits the fan. Not that I needed them anyway.

“[continues reciting lyrics] ‘Yes, I’ve been bold; I didn’t do what I was told.’ That speaks for itself. You know what you’re getting with me.”

The track is taken from Liam’s first solo album, ‘As You Were’, which is set to be released next month.

But it came close to never happening, after Liam contemplated quitting music following the demise of Beady Eye.

‘As You Were’, is set for release on October 6 – and will be accompanied by a massive UK tour in December.