Liam Gallagher posts expletive-filled tweet claiming not being ‘allowed to swear now in Leeds’

He hit out at fans who responded to the tweet by criticising his language with yet more strong language

Liam Gallagher has posted an expletive-filled tweet in which he claims “your [sic] not allowed to swear now in LEEDS”.

The musician played at Leeds Festival yesterday (August 25), marking his first solo appearance at the Yorkshire festival.


He tweeted after the performance: “Leeds your as soppy as me wonderwall as far as im concerned was up there if not better than any oasis gig thank you as you were LG x”.

However, today he went on a short, but strongly-worded Twitter rant. “Apparently your not allowed to swear now in LEEDS stop the world I’m getting the FUCK OFF as you fuvking were you fucking cunts slags twats,” he wrote.

Gallagher replied to two fans who took objection to his language. One sarcastically called him a “fantastic role model for youngsters”, to which he replied “Fuck off you cunt.” Another wrote: “Such an example n inspiration to all children !!! quite sad really.”


They also received a sharp response, which read: “You can fuck off as well and when you’ve fucked off fuck agin you massive cunt fuck.”

It is currently unclear what caused Gallagher to send the tweets.

Yesterday, Gallagher aired tracks from his upcoming debut solo album ‘As You Were‘ to the Leeds audience, as well as treating them to some Oasis classics. He closed the set with ‘Wonderwall’, telling the crowd: “You’ve come all this way and I’ve come all this way. I’m gonna do that ‘Wonderwall’ shit.”

Gallagher is due to play Reading Festival tomorrow (August 27).