Liam Gallagher hits back at Brett “Burt” Anderson’s comments on Britpop

"I thought it was very BLOUSEY"

Liam Gallagher has hit back at Suede frontman Brett Anderson’s comments distancing himself from Britpop.

In a recent interview, Anderson described the ’90s indie genre as a “laddish, distasteful, misogynistic, nationalistic cartoon“, and further set his band apart from the movement. The frontman was disparaging about Britpop and his band’s place in it ever since the term was first coined in the early ’90s.

He also responded to his past comments in which he described Oasis as “the singing plumbers” by clarifying: “Well you know, I might have said that 25 years ago, but I’m not going to try and justify things I said a long, long time ago.”


Now, Gallagher has had his say on the matter.

“Check this shit out regarding this Britpop nonsense,” he wrote on Twitter. “I hear Burt out of Suede has said it was very laddish. See I disagree, I thought it was the opposite – I thought it was very BLOUSEY, which is why I distanced myself from it. LG x”

In further responses to fans’ questions on Twitter, Gallagher went on to further dismiss Suede, hail Oasis and The Verve as the best bands of the era, and declare that Blur only had two good songs (‘Beetlebum’ and ‘Lonesome Street’).

At one point, former Oasis guitarist Bonehead promised to bring his stilettos to their meeting next week, to which Liam replied: “Just open those six buttons on your shirt, you’ll be rite. Leave those high rise bad boys at home.”


“I disassociated myself from that very early on, as soon as I saw what I saw as becoming this kind of laddish, jingoistic, cartoon happening, which became Britpop, I very quickly distanced Suede from that,” said Anderson earlier this week.

“I think did it make us look snobby? Probably, you know, you make lots of mistakes along the way, I’m not perfect you know what I mean? But all you do, you just go with your instincts, and I saw what was happening with Britpop and for me, it felt quite distasteful. It felt nationalistic, it felt like there was, sort of, quite a strong thread of misogyny and I didn’t think Suede should be part of that.”

While an unearthed isolated vocal recording of him singing ‘Supersonic’ at Glastonbury 1995 has been shared across the internet, Liam Gallagher is currently gearing up for a UK arena tour after the release of his acclaimed second solo album ‘Why Me? Why Not‘.

Meanwhile, this week also saw Suede announce a co-headline show with The Pretenders at Shepherds Bush Empire in benefit of their mutual crew member and cohort John Brandham on November 20.