Liam Gallagher responds to Harvey Weinstein and misogyny in the music industry

"The shady little fuckers at the top".

Liam Gallagher has opened up on disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and admitted that accusations of sexual assault have always been existing under the surface in the music industry.

The former Oasis singer was speaking to Fault Magazine when he revealed how “shady little fuckers” have always been present within music.

 “You know it’s there. The shady little fuckers at the top. It’s not even with just men and women, it’s men and men too”, Gallagher admitted.

“All these pop bands – you hear about it with Take That but I’ve never witnessed any of it. Nobody would come near us. We were caught up in our own bubble. We weren’t hanging about with the record company.

“We’d go to the awards show and they’d be there, but we’d just get off and do our own thing. And I certainly didn’t see any weird shit.”

He also revealed how the music industry needs to be exorcised of “shit bags” if anything is to change in the wake of devastating revelations.

“Obviously get rid of all the shit bags. Obviously, if everyone took care of their shit – everything would be cool”, he said.

“We all live together under one sky at the end of the day. Everyone just needs to cool the fuck out.”

Meanwhile, Liam was recently forced to deny rumours that he had become firm drinking buddies with Shane McGowan, after a newspaper report claimed that the pair regularly bond over booze in a North London pub.