Liam Gallagher reveals he rode on Frankie Dettori’s back around a swimming pool

The rocker had a run in with the jockey after a tequila binge

Liam Gallagher revealed he rode on Frankie Dettori’s back around a swimming pool after he ran into the jockey while on holiday.

Speaking on a video on his Instagram stories, Gallagher explains that he was on holiday with The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett, who at the time was his brother-in-law, as well as a friend called Adam.

Gallagher claims he was sitting down for drinks with his friends when jockey Dettori approached in his Speedos.


He added: “Anyway, the tequilas are flying and all that tackle and it goes a bit f***ing silly.”

The rocker went on to describe a scene where Gallagher and Dettori ended up in the swimming pool, with Gallagher riding around on the jockey’s back like a horse after Dettori bragged about his strong legs.

Gallagher adds: “I was proper slapping him on the arse.”

You can watch footage of Gallagher describing the moment below.

A spokesperson for Dettori confirmed to the Daily Star that the tale was true, adding: “It was ten years ago.”


Singer Tom Grennan recently revealed he went on a boozy night out with Gallagher after the pair performed at Sziget and expressed that he would “love” to work with the former Oasis front man.

“He wanted to meet me, so he asked for me to come to his dressing room,” he recalled in an interview with Evening Standard. “I had a Guinness with him, and then I said I wanted to go back to my hotel.

“He was like, ‘What you on about mate? Fucking you’re with me!’ So we jumped into his blacked-out Mercedes and went back to his hotel and were in his penthouse.”

Gallagher recently went on a late night Twitter rant about Radiohead, in which he professed: “how the fuck did these teds get big?”

Meanwhile, Gallagher’s brother Noel recently revealed he was mistaken for Liam outside Abbey Road Studios.