Liam Gallagher reveals how he was thrown out of church

He also gives his verdict on public transport

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he was once thrown out of church.

The former Oasis frontman releases his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ on October 6. Yesterday (September 27), he shared a new track from the record in the form of ‘Greedy Soul’.

Speaking about the bizarre church incident, Gallagher said:” I got thrown out of church the other week. It was a Sunday and I’d been on a run. I sat at the back and started sizzling. Smoke was coming off of me.

”Someone at the front went, ‘Excuse me, out you go’, so I got slung out.”

The former Oasis frontman also revealed that unlike his brother Noel, he never takes public transport.

Greedy Soul

Greedy Soul, a song by Liam Gallagher on Spotify

He told Q magazine: ”I haven’t been on it for years. I’ve got legs, you know what I mean? Fuck Tubes. Not into it. All those people sweating and breathing on you – no thanks.

”Our kid does it. He even did a photoshoot down there to let people know he’s a man of the fucking people.”

He also revealed that he is not a fan of hot weather.

Discussing his last holiday, he added: ”The Maldives. Beautiful. I get stressed out in the heat, but if there’s a pool with a bar, I’m sweet.

”I can lie there all day like George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in the ‘Club Tropicana’ video.”

Liam Gallagher recently praised Taylor Swift, describing ‘Shake It Off’ as a “fucking tune”.

The Britpop icon has also spoken out against the current state of guitar music in recent times, saying that British bands “should be ashamed of the shit they put out”.

Meanwhile, fans have been shocked to learn Liam Gallagher’s real name – much to his amusement.

Earlier this week Liam hit out at his brother Noel for release ‘psychedelic music‘. Liam slammed “beige drip” Noel, referring to his “psychedelic music” as “like a vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab.”