Watch Liam Gallagher turn music critic and review new tracks

Ex-Oasis man shares his verdict on Metz, Ugly God and more

Liam Gallagher has reviewed some new music. Scroll below to watch.

The former Oasis frontman releases his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ on October 6. Earlier today (September 27), he shared a new track from the record in the form of ‘Greedy Soul’.

Gallagher recently gave his verdict on a handful of new tracks for Vice News. On ‘Cellophane’ by Canadian noise-rockers Metz, he said: “I’m having it. I like the bass and the drums, and the distorted guitars. And the vocals were alright as well… They sound pissed off, which I fucking like”.

Asked what he thought the band looked like, Liam said, “probably horrible… They sound good them, but look like nerds or something.”

After being played Houston rapper Ugly God’s ‘Fuck Ugly God’, Gallagher said: “Yeah alright, man. He’s talking about hoes and bitches and shit, right? And all that stuff. Yeah, I’m not keen on all that but it’s a good tune though man. It’s alright. I mean, I wouldn’t buy it, know what I mean? It’s not my kind of style but I like the big boom stuff, yeah.”

Liam went on to criticise Vera Blue’s ‘Lady Powers’ because “she’s asking for flowers, man. You can’t ask for flowers… You either get them or you don’t” and reveal that he’s been “carrying [Damian Marley’s] weed around in London for a bit” because “we got the same driver”.

Watch in the clip below:

Liam Gallagher recently praised Taylor Swift, describing ‘Shake It Off’ as a “fucking tune”.

The Britpop icon has also spoken out against the current state of guitar music in recent times, saying that British bands “should be ashamed of the shit they put out”.