Liam Gallagher says Noel hasn’t invited him to his 50th birthday party

Liam says Noel hasn't even invited 'his own mother'.

Liam Gallagher has claimed that his brother Noel hasn’t invited him to his 50th birthday party.

Noel Gallagher will turn 50 on May 29, but Liam said on Twitter this morning (May 18) that “none of his family” has been invited to celebrate with him – “not even his own mother.”

Liam went on to call Noel and his party planner a “pair of wankers” – check out the tweet below.


Earlier this month, Liam Gallagher tweeted that he was less than impressed to see Noel performing ‘We Got The Power’ with Gorillaz on the Graham Norton Show. “Just saw the GN show fucking hell bruv you have seriously lost the plot man,” he tweeted. “im worried dermot looks worried for you also we got the power LG”

The outburst comes after a number of Gorillaz-based clashes between the former Oasis bandmates. “Now that dick out of Blur and the creepy one out of Oasis need to hang their heads in shame as it’s no ‘Dancing In The Streets’ – as you were,” Liam tweeted about their collaboration. “That gobshite out of Blur might have turned Noel Gallagher into a massive girl but believe you me, next time I see him there’s gonna be war.”

Noel later responded by saying: “Listen, nobody gives a fuck what Liam thinks about anything.”

Meanwhile, last month Liam Gallagher was among over 90 new acts added to Reading & Leeds festival 2017 – marking his only UK festival show this year. His album will be called ‘As You Were‘, the first single will be called ‘Not For Sale‘, and he has vowed to sing Oasis songs ‘bigger and better than Noel‘.

More details of Gallagher’s upcoming tour and album are expected to be announced shortly.