Liam Gallagher says who should play him, Noel and Alan McGee in a film

Ex-Oasis frontman wants one of his sons to portray him on the big screen

Liam Gallagher has revealed who he would want to play himself, brother Noel and Oasis manager Alan McGee in a movie.

Gallagher recently answered fan questions for a new Guardian feature, with one reader asking: “If someone was to make a drama featuring Oasis, who should play you, Noel and Alan McGee?”.

Liam replied that one of his sons should portray him, with Noel’s daughter Anais playing her dad and X Factor‘s Louis Walsh as McGee.


He said: “Someone’s doing that at the moment, apparently! Well, maybe not a drama, but someone’s doing a film on McGee and Creation Records and they’ve asked if Lennon, my son, would play me in two scenes. One at the [London venue] Water Rats and one at a party at Noel’s. He’s not up for it. I said: ‘Why aren’t you, you little shit, you said you were up for acting?’ So now, the other one, the 15-year-old, he’s going: ‘I’ll do it, Dad.’ They’re having a bit of a fight about who’s going to do it. Then get [Noel’s daughter] Anais as Noel. And who can play Alan McGee? Louis Walsh.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Liam also opened up about Beady Eye’s split.

Liam Gallagher made a surprise appearance at yesterday’s One Love Manchester benefit concert, duetting with Coldplay, too. He has since hit out at brother Noel for failing to perform at the concert.

Last week Liam played solo gigs in London and Manchester, and revealed who he’s planning to vote for in the upcoming general election.

He also released debut solo single ‘Wall Of Glass’, with his album ‘As You Were’ due in the autumn.

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