Liam Gallagher hits out at ‘doughnut’ smoking on plane, accidentally reveals he has ‘Love Island’ photos on phone

"Why's Liam Gallagher got a pic of Dom from Love Island on his phone?", one fan asked

Liam Gallagher recently hit out at a fellow passenger for smoking on a plane, causing disruption to their flight, and, in doing so, managed in the process to reveal that he saves photos of contestants from Love Island to his phone.

The former Oasis frontman recently tweeted: “Stuck on the runway some doughnut smoking hes been slung off I mean smoking on a flight how very dare he as you were LG x”. He then uploaded an old photo of himself smoking on a plane, along with the caption: “I mean cmon It’s not big it’s not clever”.

Uploading the photo as a screenshot, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Liam seemed to have a picture of one of the contestants from ITV reality dating show Love Island (complete with a Snapchat filter flower crown) saved to his phone’s camera roll. See below.

“Why’s Liam Gallagher got a pic of Dom from Love Island on his phone?”, one fan asked.

Gallagher recently confessed his love of Love Island, revealing that he watched the show at Glastonbury instead of going to see bands.

Meanwhile, Noel has hit back at Liam over his recent criticism of U2. This week has seen Liam repeatedly mock Bono and co on Twitter, saying that he would “rather eat my own shit” than than listen to “them bunch of beige fucks as you were”. He later said that they were a “naff” band and full of bullshit.

Now Noel has responded with a Twitter statement of his own, in which he jokingly calls his tour “The U2 Catering Experience”. He also delivered a direct dig at Liam by signing off with “AS YOU WEREN’T..KISS-KISS.. NG”, a reference to how Liam finishes his own tweets (“As you were LG”).