Liam Gallagher confirms his solo album is ‘finished’

Ex-Oasis frontman set to release lone effort in October

Liam Gallagher has announced that he’s finished work on his debut solo album.

The former Oasis frontman is set to release his first lone effort ‘As You Were’ in October. He’s already preceded the LP with lead single ‘Wall Of Glass’.

Taking to Twitter, Gallagher writes: “Album finished as you were LG x”. See that tweet beneath.


Liam’s solo album will arrive month before brother Noel’s new album is slated for release. He recently discussed his potential chart battle with his older sibling.

“I’m sure he definitely knows that I’m fucking gonna come again, without a doubt,” Liam said in a new interview with Q Magazine. “Course he’s fucking arsed. He plays it like he don’t give a fuck.”

Asked about the closeness of the two albums’ release dates, Liam replied: “Oh I’m all for it. Listen, I’ll go toe to toe with any cunt. If that becomes a fucking circus, then there’s nothing new there, is there? I mean, I’m sure it’ll (Noel’s album) be fuckking amazing. But it just won’t be more amazing than mine.”

During the interview, Liam also shared his mixed opinions of Damon Albarn, and called Noel “stalker boy” for collaborating with him on a recent Gorillaz track.