Liam Gallagher has a song for his formerly estranged daughter Molly Moorish on his new album

LG also reveals the release date of his new album and what else to expect

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he has penned a song called ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ in honour of his formerly estranged daughter, Molly Moorish.

Molly’s mother is the former Oasis frontman’s former partner Lisa Moorish. Back in 2017, he revealed that he had never met the then 20-year-old. Then in 2018, he shared a photo of himself meeting Molly along with his sons Gene and Lennon.

They’ve since become close, with Gallagher’s relationship with his daughter being touched upon in new documentary As It Was.


Now in a new interview, Gallagher has revealed that the follow-up to ‘As You Were‘ will arrive in September – as well as explaining how his daughter inspired a new song and how there will be some ‘heavy’ moments too.

“[There will be] a couple more songs like [new single] ‘Shockwave’,” he told Chris Moyles on Radio X. “There’s one called ‘A River’ which is absolutely a proper beast of a tune. Don’t think it’ll get on the radio ‘cause it’s too heavy, but if someone wants to play it, play it. But that’s a tune.”

He continued: “Yeah it’s heavy man. It is HEA-VY. Like heavy, as in makes you wanna, it’s like a bulldozer man. Heavier than that. Then there’s one called ‘Once’ which is more of a ballad-y kind of a Pink Floyd, Bowie kind of thing which is mega. Then there’s a couple of little, you know… there’s one that I’ve done for my daughter Molly called ‘Now That I’ve Found You’.

Liam added: “Not that she was lost or anything, or she was captured by the Taliban or anything like that. But it’s got a ‘now that you’re in my life’ kinda vibe. It’s cool. It’s nice.”


The directors of As It Was last week spoke to NME about how the new film deals with Gallagher’s first experience of “failure” after the split of Beady Eye in 2014.

“I think there’s a lot of Liam’s story that people don’t know,” co-director Gavin Fitzgerald told NME on the red carpet of the premiere. “People are more familiar with Liam’s rise to fame, then Oasis disappeared and a lot of stuff happened in the later years. People actually forget that Liam was in Beady Eye.

“When Beady Eye broke up, that was probably the first time that Liam had failed in his life. He took four years off music where he had quite a tough time. It took quite a lot of courage for Liam to come back and be where he is now.”

As It Was is in cinemas now and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD Monday, June 10.