Liam Gallagher suggests “little mug” Noel will return to major label if working with ex-Oasis producer

"Ooh thought you were mr independent"

Liam Gallagher has goaded Noel on Twitter about rumours of his brother’s work with a former Oasis producer.

The ‘Wall of Glass’ singer responded to speculation spun by The Who’s Pete Townshend, who claimed that Noel Gallagher is in the studio with Dave Sardy. The producer worked on Oasis’ albums ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ (2005) and ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ (2008) as well as Noel’s debut solo album as The High Flying Birds in 2011.

Liam, who released his first solo album ‘As You Were’ in 2017, revealed that word had reached him about Noel and Sardy’s studio pairing.


In the post, Liam suggested that his brother’s next record will be released “on a major label ie Warner’s”, which he criticised by mocking him. “Ooh thought you were mr independent mr I do everything on my own”, he wrote.

Later, Gallagher accused Noel of being hypocritical by signing to Warner Records as he’d apparently criticised the company in the past.

“He’s just signed to Warner’s my fucking major record label company ting the 1 he slagged of about a thousand times,” he said in a follow-up tweet, “because he’s a real independent artist he does everything on his own he is so real it’s like realism it’s so fucking real.”

He added: “it’s Laer backwards Dya get me bruvs.”


To date, Noel has released all three of his High Flying Birds records via his independent label, Sour Mash.

Rumours that Noel and Sardy have reunited in Los Angeles for the ex-Oasis guitarist/singer’s upcoming “70s disco” record surfaced from an official studio blog post that Townsend wrote about The Who’s new album.

“Dave Sardy our producer went back to LA for a while to work with Noel Gallagher, but he’s back on Monday,” he wrote.

Liam and Noel Gallagher

Noel previously said he was working with David Holmes, who produced his last record ‘Who Built the Moon?’, on his fourth record in London.

It is unclear whether they are still producing his new album together or whether Holmes is sharing producing duties with Sardy.

Meanwhile, Gallagher recently announced a new set of UK tour dates for May, all of which will take place in intimate, all-seater venues.