Liam Gallagher shares support for homeless charity

The frontman is backing Musicians Against Homelessness, which supports the homeless charity Crisis

Liam Gallagher has declared his support for the charity Musicians Against Homelessness.

The organisation, which primarily supports the homeless charity Crisis, was set up by the former Oasis manager Alan McGee with the dual aims of raising money for homeless people in the UK and providing gig opportunities for up-and-coming bands.

Gallagher has tweeted his support for the charitable cause today (October 28), posting a screenshot that informed his followers how they can donate £3 to the cause to help provides thousands of homeless people with shelter, food and medical care.

See Liam’s tweet of support, with information about how you can support Musicians Against Homelessness, below.

Musicians Against Homelessness responded to Gallagher’s tweet shortly after, expressing their delight at his support of their campaign.

Crisis were part of a push behind today’s vote on the Homelessness Reduction Bill in Parliament, which passed unopposed. It will now move onto the committee stage.

In other Liam Gallagher news, the singer hit out at fan backlash this week over his desire to reform Oasis, blaming brother Noel Gallagher for the Britpop group’s split.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Liam said: “When I say [a reunion is] going to happen all I read about is loads of dickheads saying, ‘He’s desperate,’ I ain’t fucking desperate man. I’m in the studio doing a fucking solo record. Now that’s going to be great. And we’ll be rocking and we’ll be doing a tour and all that of course.

“I’ve had my three years where it could have happened [following the breakup of Beady Eye],” he continued. “But obviously Noel was doing his thing [with High Flying Birds], so if it does happen, it’ll have to wait. I don’t think we should have ever split up in the first place.”