Liam Gallagher on the time he was ‘asked to leave’ Mick Jagger’s house

Never drop a pill before visiting...

Liam Gallagher  has revealed that he was once asked to leave Mick Jagger’s house, after dropping a pill before he arrived.

The former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman was speaking as editor of the first edition of NME Gold – discussing the music that helped shape the man he is today through exclusive interviews and archive features with his favourite artists. When talking about his love of The Rolling Stones, Gallagher revealed that a trip to Jagger’s home took a turn for the worse as he was under the influence.

“And Jagger? I went to his house once, in Richmond,” Liam told NME Gold. “Got invited there. Dunno why. I remember getting out of the car and I’d had a pill, I went into the house and I was thinking, ‘that wasn’t a good idea’. There was no music on and I remember coming down the stairs, a bit late, and I was coming up, and I was stood at the end of the stairs, tutting, going ‘where the fuck have you been?’ and ‘where’s the tunes?’


“I think I might have got asked to leave again, as usual. But the Stones, as much as The Beatles were great, The Stones were the ultimate rock n’ roll band as far as I’m concerned. The Beatles were like wizards, where the Stones were the boys, man.”

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NME Gold also sees Liam open up about how Stone Roses helped him escape ‘family shit at home‘ while growing up, and how he buried the hatchet with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

‘As You Were’ by Liam Gallagher is out now.

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