Liam Gallagher is unhappy with the ‘c**t who robbed his sunglasses backstage at Reading’

'I guess it's karma for stealing the show'

Liam Gallagher has left an angry tweet online, hitting out at the ‘c**t who robbed his sunglasses backstage at Reading‘.

The former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman had an eventful weekend – making his solo main stage debut at Leeds Festival before venting his frustration at ‘not being allowed to swear‘. Another epic set followed in Reading, before a parody video of him voicing Darth Vader ‘Star Wars‘ went viral.

Now, after claiming that he had his Parka coat stolen from his hotel while playing Glastonbury, Gallagher now alleges that he’s been targeted by thieves once again.

“[Right], to the c**t who robber my shades backstage at Reading,” he began, “I hope you die you c**t. I guess it’s karma for stealing the show. As you were.”

Naturally, Oasis fans were on hand with some pretty brilliant responses:

Meanwhile, Blossoms spoke to NME about the ‘honour’ of playing the main stage at Reading & Leeds before Liam, and still wanting to ‘lick his face’.

“Just that sentence itself is enough to give you a bit of a buzz,” said frontman Tom Ogden. “Coming from the Festival Republic Stage two years ago, to being third from top, with Liam Gallagher on afterwards – that’s like a childhood dream. We’re delighted.”

Drummer Joe Donovan added: “We were playing Chicago and that shot through my head. I thought ‘oh, God’. I didn’t say hi or anything. I just let him walk past me. I would definitely lick his face. That’s the worrying thing I’m getting from this now. I wanted to, that’s the worrying thing.”

Liam Gallagher releases his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ on October 6.