Liam Gallagher unveils ‘Wall Of Glass’ video and speaks about new solo single

Listen to the former Oasis frontman's first solo track

Liam Gallagher has shared a video for his debut solo single, ‘Wall Of Glass’, which he recently discussed in interview with NME.

The former Oasis frontman made his solo live debut at a show in Manchester last night (May 30), premiering new songs, performing Oasis hits and teaming up with his former Britpop bandmate Bonehead.

Now he has unveiled his first solo song ‘Wall Of Glass’ via BBC Radio 1. Introducing the track on air, Liam said: “This is ‘Wall Of Glass’, turn it up.” Watch its video beneath.


Liam told Pitchfork of the video: “I did get to wear a gold Saint Laurent hooded jacket in one scene, which I convinced myself made me look like a modern day Elvis, as he loved to wear gold suits.”

Gallagher told Radio 1’s MistaJam of working with songwriters for his new record: “I’d never be able to write a whole album [on my own], we’d be here all year. I’m not that prolific.”

He added: “For me, it’s just a rock n roll tune, guitar music. Some people try to reinvent the wheel, but I just like to give it a good shine.”

Speaking to NME recently, Liam explained how his new songs came about, saying: “After Beady Eye [his post-Oasis group] broke up, I wasn’t arsed to do anything. I was like, ‘Fuck this, I haven’t got a band, I haven’t got the get up and go to start looking for a band that’s going to fucking be probably classed as another fucking watered down Oasis or whatever’, so I thought, ‘Ya know what, I’m out of the game for a bit’. Then I started messing about with the guitar just for fun”.

On ‘Wall Of Glass’, Liam sings: “You were sold the one direction, I believe the resurrection is on”. Explaining the lyric, he has told NME: “It could be about One Direction, it could not be. It could be about people that are into one fucking mind set, who I find pretty boring. There are obviously bits that could be about Noel. And things about me mum, about me kids, about Debbie [his girlfriend]. I’ve come across a lot of people. It’s about me and you and fucking them.”


Asked about the lyric “And I don’t mean to be unkind, But I’ll see what’s in your mind” and if he feels like he himself is unkind, Gallagher said: “Probably yeah, but only for the fucking fun side of it. I welcome anyone to have a pop at me, ‘You’re fucking this, ya fat cunt, you fucking has been’, bring it on. It’s only banter in my world, I don’t mean anyone any fucking serious harm.”

Liam added: “But I do wish a lot of these fucking bands would do a bit of jousting or whatever it is. It’s all got very fucking boring, ya know. It’s got nothing to do with pop or Simon Cowell or any of these cunts, its got to do with you [presumably Noel], you fucking twat. You’ve got the tools to make guitar music dangerous but you’re not doing it, you’re choosing to join their gang, just to be on the fucking radio. You’re not gonna get a watered-down version of me, ever. I’d rather stay true to myself. I’m not fucking diluting it to get on fucking Radio 1 or Radio 2 or Radio 900. It ain’t happening. There’s the record, play it or don’t play it.”

Liam Gallagher is expected to release his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ in October.