Liam Gallagher wants son Gene to ‘bring grime into rock’n’roll’

The 17-year-old is a big fan of the likes of J Hus and Dave

Liam Gallagher has said he wants his son Gene to bring grime into rock’n’roll.

The iconic Oasis frontman’s youngest son is a guitar player, but, according to his dad, has recently become more of a fan of grime artists than guitar bands.

Speaking to The Streets‘ Mike Skinner and Manchester Murkage Dave on their Spotify podcast, In The Third Person. Gallagher said: “Gene was into Arctic Monkeys big style and that, but now he’s fucking flipped. It’s all J Hus and Dave and all that, and every time we go out it’s all that stuff going on, which I know nothing about.”

Episode 1 with Liam Gallagher

In Episode 1 Mike and Murkage Dave are joined by Liam Gallagher who talks about his kids’ taste for Grime, running in expensive trainers, loving the school-run and how he was just born sexy…

When Skinner asked if Gallagher wanted the 17-year-old to form a band, he replied: “Yeah, but not necessarily a rock’n’roll band, d’you know what I mean? It’ll be interesting to hear his mix and how he brings all this grime stuff into his version of rock’n’roll, or guitar music, or whatever it is. You sort of throw everything in the pot and see what comes out.”

Discussing some of grime’s biggest names, Gallagher agreed with Skinner that Skepta is the biggest “rock star” in the country. He added that some musicians have the power to surpass genre. “I think they’re just stars aren’t they?” he said. “Whatever genre of music you’re in – it’s like I do fucking guitar music, they do whatever they do – there’s people that are bigger than their genre of music.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Gallagher also revealed is unable to perform live without the assistance of an autocue, admitting that he’d “say anything” if instructed to.

Gallagher made headlines again earlier this week when he hit out at brother Noel’s plans to start recording two albums simultaneously, but one would be more ‘traditional’. “Traditional? Thought you don’t do traditional any more,” Liam replied. “What happened to your cosmic pop journey? Shit it, have we?”