Liam Gallagher wants to sing the next Bond theme – and he’s already written the lyrics

He also thinks one of his new songs will suit a Tarantino movie

Liam Gallagher has revealed that he’s gunning to record the new James Bond theme song for the upcoming No Time To Die film.

It’s also been revealed that the Oasis frontman has already written some of the lyrics for the potential song.

Speaking to Irish radio station Today FM, Liam poked fun at the obsession with dying in the new film, saying: “The new James Bond one, it’s all about dying innit.


“Die not next week, can’t be arsed dying today, might die fucking next month, there’s a lot of death going on.”

He then confirmed that he’s interested in taking on the theme song, saying: “But you know they can give us a call, why not.”

No Time To Die is set to be Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond, and is set to arrive in cinemas in April 2020. Grace Jones reportedly quit the new movie after concerns over her character’s lack of lines.

Gallagher, meanwhile, revealed that he met with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli in 2017 for initial conversations around the singer penning the new theme.

He said: “We met Barbara Broccoli when we played Dublin and they were interested.


“Danny Boyle was attached to the film after that, who made ‘Yesterday’ [which featured Sheeran], so there was a close connection there. Obviously they changed directors but we’re still open to it, but they’re not even having those conversations yet.”

Liam also said that he would like to see his music in a Quentin Tarantino film, singling out ‘Gone’ as one that the director should use.

“‘Gone’ is a top tune, I could see that in a Tarantino film,” he said.

“If I could work with anyone? Tarantino, he’s pretty good, isn’t he. There’s a lot of him in ‘Gone’.

He continued: “We don’t write music to go, ‘Right let’s put it in a film,’ but if people pick up on it then they’re welcome to it.

Dua Lipa was the initial frontrunner to pen the new Bond theme.

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