Liam Gallagher wishes Morrissey a “miserable Christmas”

Ex-Oasis man also quotes Smiths lyrics on Twitter

Liam Gallagher spent Christmas night wishing Morrissey a “Miserable Xmas” and quoting Smiths lyrics on Twitter.

The former Oasis frontman, who recently revealed his favourite Smiths song to be ‘The Boy with the Thorn In His Side’, took to Twitter late on December 25 to tweet: “Miserable Xmas to morrisey as you were LG x”.


Liam’s tweet led actor David Morrissey to correct his spelling, replying: “It’s MORRISSEY mate! And thanks very much!”.

Meanwhile, Gallagher proceeded to quote several Smiths lyrics:


Liam and brother Noel Gallagher reportedly ended their long-standing feud just in time for Christmas, with Liam claiming that Noel had “reached out” to him and that they were “all good again”.

Asked whether their reconciliation could lead to a potential Oasis reunion, Liam recently said: “God no, no. Oasis isn’t getting back together, not at all. I’m doing my thing, [Noel’s] doing his thing and that is the end of it.”

Instead, Liam said that the pair are simply not “slagging” each other off any more, calling a “truce”: “It’s still the same – it’s just that I’ve called a truce on it and he’s called a truce on it and no more slagging.”