Liam Gallagher’s formerly estranged daughter Molly Moorish speaks out on their relationship

"It's all happened the way it was meant to happen"

Liam Gallagher‘s formerly estranged daughter Molly Moorish has spoken out about growing up without her father, and growing close to him over the last year.

Molly’s mother is the former Oasis frontman’s former partner Lisa Moorish –singer of the band Kill City, who in 1995 provided backing vocals on an acoustic version Oasis’ ‘Fade Way’.

Back in 2017, he revealed that he had never met the then 20-year-old Molly. Then in 2018, he shared a photo of himself meeting Molly along with his sons Gene and Lennon. They’ve since become close, with Gallagher’s relationship with his daughter being touched upon in new documentary As It Was.


Now in a new interview with The Sunday Times, Molly has shared her side of he story.

“I don’t have any anger,” she said. “I’m 21 now. I’m actually thankful for how I was brought up with my mum and how my life’s been.

“I wouldn’t be who I am now if…. It’s all happened the way it was meant to happen. We just got on and I’m happy to have him now.”

The same interview also saw Gallagher speak out against the allegations that he assaulted his partner Debbie Gwyther last year, branding them as “bullshit” and “blown out of proportion”. Gwyther also denied the claims.

Earlier this month, Gallagher revealed that his upcoming album ‘Why Me? Why Not’ will feature a sing in tribute to Molly.


“[There will be] a couple more songs like [new single] ‘Shockwave’,” said Gallagher. “There’s one called ‘A River’ which is absolutely a proper beast of a tune. Don’t think it’ll get on the radio ‘cause it’s too heavy, but if someone wants to play it, play it. But that’s a tune.”

He continued: “Yeah it’s heavy man. It is HEA-VY. Like heavy, as in makes you wanna, it’s like a bulldozer man. Heavier than that. Then there’s one called ‘Once’ which is more of a ballad-y kind of a Pink Floyd, Bowie kind of thing which is mega. Then there’s a couple of little, you know… there’s one that I’ve done for my daughter Molly called ‘Now That I’ve Found You’.

Liam added: “Not that she was lost or anything, or she was captured by the Taliban or anything like that. But it’s got a ‘now that you’re in my life’ kinda vibe. It’s cool. It’s nice.”

This weekend also saw Liam speak out against his brother Noel for his stance on Brexit when after admitting that he did not vote.

With a UK tour expected in November, Gallagher will release his second solo album ‘Why Me? Why Not’ on September 20.