Liam Payne accused of fetishising bisexuality on new album ‘LP1’

"Bisexual or pansexual women are not some sideshow act for men to watch"

Liam Payne has drawn criticism for fetishising bisexual women on his new album ‘LP1’, specifically in the lyrics to his track ‘Both Ways’.

The song, which alludes to having a threesome with his partner, includes the lines: “Flipping that body, go head, I go tails / Sharing that body like it’s our last meal.” One listener pointed out the “uncomfortable” way in which he describes a bisexual woman and “furthers the stereotype that bi ppl are only into that.”


In a two-star review of ‘LP1’, NME wrote: “‘Both Ways’ is perhaps meant to be ‘LP1’s ‘naughty’ moment – but it comes off as leery instead. His girl likes it “both ways” and “like[s] the way it all tastes” and Payne’s keen to bring things back to his place. It’s actually cack-handed rather than sinister.

“Numerous lyrics emphasise his partner’s agency, hammering home the point that this threesome situation is her idea: lucky ol’ Liam has merely been invited to the party. He even emphasises, at every possible opportunity, that he doesn’t judge or discriminate.”

Liam Payne
Liam Payne. Credit: press

It’s not the first time Payne has been accused of misappropriating identity. Last year the former One Direction singer was criticised for misconstruing the true meaning behind LGBT Pride, after he featured in an Adidas campaign.


Payne featured in a newspaper article on Tuesday along with a number of other high profile celebrities who were asked what made them proud ahead of London Pride.

Payne’s comments sparked a huge response on Twitter – with one user asking if he thinks that the LGBT celebration is “literally about being proud of things”.

Another wrote: “I’ve stared at this for about 15 minutes now. What? What is this? Is this a joke? What the fuck is going on? Are we just a little branding exercise now for the potato one from 1D and other straights of note? Someone, please, lead us out of this abyss!”