The Libertines are seeking fans’ talents for their new two-hour live stream

The two-hour bill of music, comedy and poetry takes place this weekend

The Libertines will stream a two-hour live special this weekend, featuring performances from a number of musicians, comedians and poets, as well as individual members of the band.

The show, named RKD TV, will be broadcast from The Waste Land pub, part of the band’s new Margate hotel The Albion Rooms, on Saturday (November 21) from 9-11pm GMT.

Tickets are £4, with part of the proceeds going to the homelessness charity Shelter. You can purchase them here.


Ahead of the show, The Libertines have put out a call for fans to submit their own creative work, and will include the best submissions as part of the program.

“We’ve already got a bunch of great people signed up to entertain you from first to last orders, but we’re also keeping some all important slots open for you to get involved too,” said the band.

“If you’ve got something you’d like to contribute – maybe a song, or poem, a story or, well, whatever you like – we want to hear from you. We’re not pigeon-holing this, so you can suggest whatever you like to us at shout@albionrooms. Just drop us a line including a video clip of what you would like to perform on the night. We’ll get back to our favourites and invite you to join us in performing live (from your home) during the broadcast.”

As well as individual performances from the four members of the band, Hak Baker, Reverend And The Makers‘ Jon McClure, Giant Drag, and Trampolene‘s Jack Jones will also contribute music.

Comedians on the bill include Seann Walsh and Matt Forde, while Mike Garry, Toria Garbutt and more will provide poetry. Comedian Paul McCaffrey and poet Luke Wright will compere.


Last month, Carl Barat took NME on an exclusive tour of the Albion Rooms hotel. 

“George Orwell wrote this essay called The Moon Under Water, which was about the perfect pub – right down to the glasses and the atmosphere,” Barat explained. “At the end of it he said, ‘You want to know where this pub is? Well, it doesn’t exist’. The challenge was to make that place exist. So far, I can have a good time here.”